Hampshire County Teachers of the Year

Teacher of the Year Recipients

YearTeacher HonoreeSubject / Assignment
2023 to 2024Cynthia CorbinTitle I Reading & former 1st Grade Teacher, Capon Bridge Elementary
2022 to 2023Stephanie BuckleyAlternative Education Teacher, Romney Middle School
2021 to 2022Barbara Ray2nd Grade Teacher, Augusta Elementary School
2020 to 2021LuAnn Walker2nd Grade Teacher, Romney Elementary School
2019 to 2020Allan MeckMath Teacher, Hampshire High School
2018 to 2019Stacey MorganElementary Teacher, Augusta Elementary School
2017 to 2018Teresa Thorne*Elementary Teacher, Slanesville Elementary School
2016 to 2017Holly Knauff-SmithArt Teacher, Capon Bridge Middle School
2015 to 2016Shelby Walburn*Science Teacher, Hampshire High School
2014 to 2015Brenda Omps*Alternative Education Teacher, Romney Middle School
2013 to 2014Crystal AtkinsonElementary Teacher, Augusta Elementary School
2012 to 2013Paul Roomsburg*Agriculture Education Teacher, Hampshire High School
2011 to 2012Isaac Lewis*Agriculture Education Teacher, Hampshire High School
2010 to 2011Amber ChampElementary Teacher, Augusta Elementary School
2009 to 2010Vickie MillesonElementary Teacher, Springfield-Green Spring Elementary School
2007 to 2008Rob WolfordWest Virginia Studies Teacher, Romney Middle School
2006 to 2007Arlene CarbaughEnglish Teacher, Capon Bridge Middle School
2005 to 2006Victoria WelshElementary Teacher, Slanesville Elementary School
2004 to 2005Carrie RotruckEnglish Teacher, Hampshire High School
2003 to 2004Marianna LeoneGeography Teacher, Romney Middle School
2002 to 2003Rowanne ShockeyMathematics Teacher, Hampshire High School
2001 to 2002Sue Alkire*Science Teacher, Romney Middle School
2000 to 2001Ronald SpearyPhysical Education, various county Elementary School
1999 to 2000Ann AclinEnglish Teacher, Hampshire High School
1998 to 1999Teresa OrndorffSpecial Education Teacher, Hampshire High School
1997 to 1998Nancy CarrollSpecial Education Teacher, Hampshire High School
1996 to 1997Melinda ChambersFamily Consumer Science Teacher, Romney Middle School
1995 to 1996Teresa WagnerReading Teacher, Augusta Elementary School
1994 to 1995K. Joyce TennantSpecial Education Teacher, Capon Bridge Middle School
1993 to 1994Jan Le MeadowsFamily Consumer Science Teacher, Capon Bridge Middle School
1992 to 1993Ann WarnerEnglish Teacher, Romney Middle School
1991 to 1992Janet RileyEnglish Teacher, Romney Middle School
1990 to 1991Rae Ellen McKee**Reading Teacher, Slanesville Elementary School
1989 to 1990Donna ClovisBusiness Education Teacher, Hampshire High School
1988 to 1989Linda Staub*English Teacher, Hampshire High School
1987 to 1988Judith LikinsChoral Music Teacher, Hampshire High School and Romney Middle School

The method for designating the year was changed in 2008 to reflect that the person was Teacher of the Year for the upcoming year instead of the previous year.

*Finalists for West Virginia Teacher of the Year from Hampshire County

  • Linda Staub (1989)
  • Rae Ellen McKee (1991)**
  • Sue Alkire (2002 to 2003)
  • Isaac Lewis (2011 to 2012)
  • Paul Roomsburg (2012 to 2013)
  • Brenda Omps (2014 to 2015)
  • Shelby Walburn (2015 to 2016)
  • Teresa Thorne (2017 to 2018)

WV_McKee_wh.jpg**Rae Ellen McKee - WV and National Teacher of the Year - 1990-1991

Past WV Teachers of the Year

In addition to being named Hampshire County's and West Virginia's Teacher of the Year, Rae Ellen McKee was a Milliken Educator Awardee and the National Teacher of the Year in 1991. She is shown [left] in 2013 while attending the Teacher of the Year Gala at the White House to honor the 2013 teacher honorees from each state. She now resides in Houston, TX, and is an educational consultant and advisor.

President Bush's visit to Slanesville Elementary to honor Rae Ellen McKee

Q&A with the National Teacher of the Year - EdWeek - 1991