School-Based Health Services

E A Hawse Health Services for Staff and Students Available at RMS & HHS


School-Based Health Services were initially started in Hampshire County in October 2020 and are again available to all county staff and students at Romney Middle and Hampshire High School.  These services are available when students are at school. The hours are Monday-Thursday, 8am-10am at Romney Middle and 10am-12N at Hampshire High.  The purpose of school-based health clinics is to provide medical care to both students and staff as the need arises. The clinic will function as a primary care clinic to our students and staff.   The clinics are staffed with Certified Physician Assistants, Nurse Practitioners and Certified Medical Assistants.  Examples of services provided are sick visits, yearly well visits/physicals and some routine lab testing such as rapid COVID testing. Other labs, EKG or x-ray tests can be ordered and done at a desired outpatient lab.

If you are interested, please see this Registration Form.  Parents/Guardians are contacted prior to your child being seen and after.  If you are interested, please complete the Registration Form, and send it to school with your child for the School Nurse.

If you have any questions or would like additional information, please contact your School Nurse.

Thank you,

Rhonda Dante, R.N., Head School Nurse

  1. Health Dept. to Offer Required Vaccinations for 7th & 12th Graders & COVID Vaccinations for 16 & Up

    The Health Dept will be visiting the high school & both middle schools on April 6 & again on May 18 to offer required vaccines to students with parent permission. They will also give COVID vaccinations to high school students 16 & up on April 9 & Apr. 30 Read for details..
  2. Vaccinations Required for Incoming 7th & 12th Graders by August 2021

    The Health Dept will be visiting the high school and both middle schools on April 6th and again on May 4st to offer required vaccines to students with parent permission. Permission forms are available from the School Nurse or the Health Dept. Read for details..
  3. School-Based Health Services Available from E A Hawse Health Center

    Students and staff members may get health services on Mondays - Thursdays at either RMS or HHS from E A Hawse health professionals. Additional Info and Registration Form...
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