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SpringMusicArt2.jpg American Red Cross Month
Music in Our Schools Month
National Youth Art Month
National Craft Month
National Nutrition Month
Irish American Heritage Month
Women's History Month
Timeline of Women's History in WV
  Yea Spring!
School will now be in session on Thursday, April 13 and
 Tuesday, April 18 to make-up for missed snow days in March

Spring Break is now scheduled for
 Friday, April 14 - through - Monday, April 17.
(April 13 & 18 were originally non-instructional days that were in the schedule to allow for make-up days and as such were built in days in the event they were needed.  State law says they must be used, if needed. Other built in days are in June and will not be used unless needed. The last regularly scheduled day of classes is May 26 unless more days are missed before then.)

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The days missed due to snow on March 14 & 15 will be made-up on April 13 & 18. The Staff CE Day on Apr. 13 and the OS Day on Apr. 18 will now be regular days of school for staff and students. Spring Break will now be Apr. 14 & 17 only.
PEIA Healthy Tomorrows - Year 3 - What you need to do....
You have to have a physical again this year between 7/1/16 and 4/30/17 & have a form completed. Questions, please contact finance office or WV PEIA. The form you need is on the PEIA website or here. Read on...
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