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Employee Benefits
PEIA Healthy Tomorrows - Year 3 Requirements & Form
PEIA Healthy Tomorrows is a 3-year initiative – so you do have to have a physical again this year between July 1, 2016 and April 30, 2017 and have a form completed by your Dr.  See the link below and if it doesn’t come up as a link you can cut and paste into your browser. 

The form you need is on the PEIA website or here.


PEIA Manage Benefits - register/log in to manage benefits
PEIA - Public Employees Insurance Agency Home Page


CompBenefits Insurance - Vision & Dental Insurance

 - register/log in to access account information
CompBenefits.com - Home page - also has login and link to create account
Humana (Vision & Dental) Benefits Brochure
Enrollment Form Updated
Change Form - Vision or Dental
Dental Summary of Benefits
Vision Summary of Benefits
Dental Claim Form
Vision Claims Info (out of network)
Humana Vision Claim Form - out of network

New Address for submitting Dental and Vision Claim Forms:

Humana Dental Claims

PO Box 14284
Lexington, KY 40512-4283

Humana Vision Care Plan
Attn: OON Claims
PO Box 14311
Lexington, KY 40512-4311

American Fidelity Assurance - Flex Medical, Annuities & Other Insurance

AFAdvantage.com log in - register/log in to access information
AFA Forms

Conseco - Insurance

 - register/log in to manage accounts.

AFLAC - American Family Life Assurance Company


AFLAC Policyholders Services - register/log in to manage accounts.

AAA Auto Club Membership

AAA Membership forms are avilable for those who are interested in AAA Membership, please complete this AAA Membership Form and send it to the Finance office by May 6, 2013. 

If you are currently a AAA member, you will automatically be renewed unless you indicate that
you no longer want to keep it. 

It can only be payroll deducted if 25 or more employees participate.  I will let you know.

Please let me know if you have any questions, contact Denise Hott, 304-822-3528; ext. 133 or email her.

Student Accident Insurance for 2015-16

Information about QBE Student Accident Insurance plus enrollment forms and instructions can be found here.

Hampshire County Schools
111 School Street
Romney, WV 26757
Dr. Jeffrey R. Crook
Phone: (304) 822-3528
Fax: (304) 822-3540
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