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End of Year Technology Checkout Lists & Forms

Complete this form for the 2012-13 school year.  Print a copy, sign and date it, and give a copy to the TIS at your school on the date they request it.  They will confirm with the principal that you have completed all of the requirements.  Be sure to update your technology inventory and send it electronically to the TIS at your school. (Technology Inventory Form)

2013 End-of-Year Technology Checklist - for everyone who has technology equipment in their designated location. 
If you are changing schools or leaving employment with Hampshire County Schools, you MUST turn in your equipment to the TIS at your current school. You may NOT take your equipment with you.

Be sure to do an 2013 Technology Equipment Sign-out Form if you wish to borrow equipment for the summer. 
Any equipment that is checked-out must be the equipment from the school & classroom where the staff member will be assigned for the 2012-13 class year.

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