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Board of Education
2018-19 Members   


Meetings are generally held on the 1st and 3rd Mondays of each month at 6:30 PM unless otherwise posted.

Regular meetings of the Board of Education are live-streamed on the Hampshire County School District Facebook page.

Purpose of Meetings
Board of Education meetings are held in public for conduct of public business.  The public business includes hearing reports, discussion of recommendations to the Superintendent, and the adoption of formal resolutions as set forth in the printed agenda. The Board may enter into Executive Session only upon a majority affirmative vote of the members present for specific reasons.


The Hampshire County Board of Education intends to continue its meetings during the State of Emergency declared by Justice Governor.  It has taken certain precautions to maintain open meetings while protecting the public and adhering to the Governor’s Orders.  Meetings can be held without the physical presence, in the same room, of the board members, superintendent, meeting participants and interested members of the public. The meetings of the Hampshire County Board of Education shall be livestreamed through Facebook for the public to attend.  According to previous guidance from the Governor, not more than 10 people shall be permitted to gather in one place at any one time.  Therefore, there shall be no more than 10 people physically present at any board meeting.  With respect to hearings before the board, should people wish to attend in person, priority will be given to members of the board; the superintendent; the personnel director; the employee; and counsel/representative for the administration and for the employee.  All witnesses, if any, shall participate through video conferencing.  The public shall be able to livestream through Facebook from the Board’s website.

Visitors Are Welcome
The Board welcomes residents of the school district to visit as it conducts its business. We ask you bear in mind that you are a visitor to this meeting, not a participant. It is a meeting held in public, not a public meeting.  However, special provisions will be made for each resident who has an interest in doing so to communicate with the Board of Education.  Effective conduct of the public's business requires that board members and the general public adhere to common rules of courtesy and meeting organization.

Persons wishing to speak at a Board meeting may sign up to speak five minutes before the meeting. Appearances are limited to 5 minuntes.

If you wish to have items placed on the agenda, please call Shirley O'Dell, Executive Secretary, at 304-822-3528, Ext. 120 to inquire. Agendas are posted 3 business days prior to meetings.

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