Counselor's Corner at RMS

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These are the services that are available in the counseling office at Romney Middle School.  Use the form below if you need to see the counselor about a problem.  Otherwise check the information below for other services such as enrollment.

Self-Referral Form for Students - This form is CONFIDENTIAL. Only your counselor, Mrs. Voit, will see this request. DO NOT USE THIS FORM if you are feeling like you want to harm yourself or someone else. TELL AN ADULT IMMEDIATELY and come to the counseling office. (If you are a "click" student or are otherwise not at schooL, TELL AN ADULT RIGHT AWAY.) All other concerns can be reported using this from. These requests will only be seen during my office hours Monday through Friday, 7:30 AM - 2:30 PM during school days only. I will contact you through Schoology email. Please check your email regularly.

Romney Middle School (RMS) offers a comprehensive guidance program including:

  • Counseling for students individually and in groups
  • Providing resources for parents to resolve problem situations
  • Facilitating meetings between parents and teachers
  • Delivering and/or arranging developmental guidance programs and assemblies dealing with youth social topics (bullying, drugs and alcohol, peer pressure, pregnancy/STD prevention,etc.).
  • Forming support groups to address relevant issues as needed
  • Leading career explorations and career cluster tours to related job sites
  • Helping students choose appropriate class schedules in middle school and when transitioning into high school
  • Maintaining and updating all student academic records
  • Coordinating student testing
  • Enrolling new students