Equipment Inventory & Sign-out Forms

All technology equipment not purchased by an employee using personal funds is considered the property of Hampshire County Schools including that which was obtained through grants such as TLI, Title 1, ARRA funds, etc. As such, all must be placed on the county inventory and may not be taken home over the summer unless signed-out using the proper forms.

Technology Equipment Inventory Form

Please complete your classroom inventory and submit it to the TIS at your school by May 18. You should already have last year's inventory file saved and need only update it to add new equipment and/or delete old abandoned equipment. (If this is the first year you are completing a technology inventory, please download the appropriate inventory form, complete it on the computer using Word, save a copy, and submit it electronically to the school's TIS by May 18 by attaching it to an email.) No paper copies will be accepted.


Staff Classroom Technology Equipment Inventory Form (DOC) - For all staff members including classroom teachers, service personnel, and administrators who have equipment such as computers, laptops, printers, scanners, cameras, etc. Complete and email to your TIS.

Lab Technology Equipment Inventory Form (DOC) - For lab manager (teacher in charge or TIS) to inventory equipment in mobile and stationary computer labs.

Technology Equipment Sign-out Form

If you wish to take any technology equipment home over the summer (laptop, etc.), you must complete the Technology Equipment Sign-out Form (PDF), print it, sign it, and give it to your school's TIS who will sign it and give a copy to you and to the principal before sending it to the Director of Technology.

If you are changing schools or leaving employment with Hampshire County Schools, you MUST turn in your equipment to the TIS at your current school. You may not take your equipment with you. The only equipment you may sign out is the equipment that is assigned to the school/classroom at the school where you will be for 2012 to 2013.