Salary Scales & Payday Schedules

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Schedule for Pay Dates for Subs

Please note that if the 10th or 25th falls on the weekend, then pay day is the Friday before.

Days WorkedPay Date
August 11 to August 25September 10th
August 26 to September 10September 25th
September 11 to September 25October 10th
September 26 to October 10October 25th
October 11 to October 25November 10th
October 26 to November 10November 25th
November 11 to November 25December 10th
November 26 to December 10December 25th
December 11 to December 25January 10th
December 26 to January 10January 25th
January 11 to January 25February 10th
January 26 to February 10February 25th
February 11 to February 25March 10th
February 26 to March 10March 25th
March 11 to March 25April 10th
March 26 to April 10April 25th
April 11 to April 25May 10th
April 26 to May 10May 25th
May 11 to May 25June 10th
May 26 to June 10June 25th