Safe & Drug Free Schools

No Smoking, Thank YouHampshire County Board of Education would like to remind all individuals of the West Virginia State Board Policy 2422.5 that prohibits the use of all tobacco products (cigarettes, chewing tobacco, snuff) on school property at all times. Not only are both tobacco and alcohol use illegal on school property, but their use is also harmful to one's health. Please do your part to help reduce tobacco and alcohol use in West Virginia.

Weapons are also expressly prohibited on school premises by Hampshire County Board of Education policy and West Virginia state law.

Hampshire County Safe & Drug Free Policies

  • Student Conduct - 5500
  • Student Assistance Programs - 5531
  • Use of Tobacco on School Premises - 7434
  • Weapons - 7217

West Virginia Department of Education Policies

  • West Virginia Department of Education Substance Abuse and Tobacco Control Policy - 2422.5

West Virginia - Safe Schools Helpline

Help keep our schools safe! Call 1-866-SAFEWVA (866-723-3982) or visit the West Virginia Safe Schools Helpline website.