Job Applications

All Job Applications Must Be Submitted Through Frontline

All job openings for Hampshire County are listed on the Frontline - West Virginia K12 Jobs site. This includes all professional, service and extra-curricular job openings. In addition to the jobs available in Hampshire County, job postings from around West Virginia are also listed on this site. You do not have to create an account to view the job openings.

To apply for a job,, you must do so on the Frontline - West Virginia K12 Jobs site which requires creating an account. You must.complete all the pages of the application when you apply the first time and then your information will be saved for future use. However, you cannot pre-fill the information on an application in advance until  you are actually ready to apply for a job the first time. 

When applying for a job, be sure to complete the information on the pages that follow the Vacancy Desired page on which you indicate the Job ID for which you are appying. Use the navigation menu on the left-hand side to locate all of the information that you must complete to successrully submit a job application. For more information, please see Employment Opportunities

Salary Scales

Substitute Teachers

Ideally, prospective substitute teachers should have a Bachelor's degree with at least a 2.0  Grade Point Average. They must complete an approved training program to obtain a substitute permit.

Options for Sub Training

The West Virginia Department of Education (WVDE) provides training as stipulated in Policy 5202 (propsed revision to Policy 5202). Coursework is available for first-time substitutes, substitutes renewing their permit, and long-term substitutes hired in elementary schools who are in need of literacy/reading training. The trainings are all free and self-paced online via the WVDE WVLearns platform. 

If you have a WVDE email and password you will use that as your login to enroll and access the courses. However, if you have never been a West Virginia public school employee, please visit the Certification Portal and complete the information requested. A login and password will then be assigned that will be your WVLearns Canvas credentials needed to register for and complete a substitute training course.  

Other Personnel Forms & Guidelines