School Messenger

School Messenger is an automated message system that Hampshire County has set up so that all parents and staff can be notified quickly in the event of any emergency or other important situation. To learn more about the program you can visit the School Messenger website.

Reminder Messages

There are two types of School Messenger calls. One is a general call to remind people of upcoming meetings or other events which is sent only to the primary number listed for each student or staff member. These are usually made in the evening when someone is more likely to be at home.

Emergency Messages

The other type is an emergency message such as early dismissal or other important announcements that may be made at a time when many people are at work or away from their homes. These are made to every phone number listed for the students' family contacts. Calls can also be made just for a particular school's students if there is a localized problem or announcement. Each number will only be called once even if listed for several students and a voice message will be left if an answering machine or voice mail system is active.

Calling List

All students' phone numbers are entered into the WVEIS student database from the emergency procedure cards that parents complete each year at the beginning of school. School Messenger is automatically updated with these student numbers from the WVEIS database. Therefore it is important that these numbers be correct. When completing the contact information on the emergency procedure card, please make sure the numbers are current and list all the phones that you wish to have called including cellular phones and work or babysitter's phones.

If your numbers change during the year, or if there is a problem with not receiving calls, please contact the school secretary at the appropriate school to make sure that the up-to-date numbers are listed on your child's emergency card and have been typed into the WVEIS database.

Remove Number from Calling List

To have your number removed, please call the Board of Education Office at 304-822-3528, ext. 160. If you do not receive an answer, please leave a voice message stating the phone number. You may also state your name and the reason why you want it removed if you like, but it is absolutely necessary that you give the phone number that is receiving the calls in order to have it removed from the School Messenger system. If you want to add additional numbers such as grandparents' or babysitters', you may also call the above number and ask to have these extra numbers added.