Title I Schools, Teachers & Coaches

Staff Duties 

  • Academic Coaches are available to assist teachers
  • Parent Involvement Network Contacts (PINC) work with families to make sure there is communication about Title I resources between home and school.
  • Professional Support Personnel (PSP) are usually retired teachers who work part-time assisting students and teachers with instruction and assessment.
  • Title I Reading Specialists support classroom teachers by providing small group instruction to struggling students in reading.

Curriculum Staff at Title I Schools

Augusta Elementary School

Phone: 304-496-7001


  • Rachael Leatherman, Reading Specialist
  • Kelly Duckworth, PSP
  • Amy Funk, Academic Coach (Wednesday & Thursday) 
  • Brenda Haines, PSP
  • Karen Corbin, PSP 

Capon Bridge Elementary School

Phone: 304-856-3329


  • Jennifer Morris, Reading Specialist
  • Angela Foster, Reading Specialist (Wednesday,  Thursday & Friday)
  • Teresa Thorne, Academic Coach (Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday
  • Gwndolyn (Jean) Kenney, PSP
  • Leroy James, PSP 

John J Cornwell Elementary School

Phone: 304-492-5521


  • Angela Foster, Reading Specialist (Monday and Tuesday)
  • Melanie Meck, Academic Coach (Tuesday)
  • Cara Diehl, PSP

Romney Elementary School

Phone: 304-822-3018


  • Blair Pike, Reading Specialist
  • Marlene Eversole, Reading Specialist
  • Nicole Pownell, Reading Specialist
  • Desiree Fritsch, Academic Coach (Monday, Tuesday, and Friday) 
  • SuEllen Racey, PINC
  • Donna Davis, PSP
  • Margaret Kesner, PSP

Slanesville Elementary School

Phone: 304-496-7069


  • Sara Harris-Dailey, Reading Specialist
  • Melanie Meck, Academic Coach (Wednesday and Thursday)
  • Leisa Iser, PSP
  • Michelle Poland, PSP

Springfield-Green Spring Elementary School

Phone: 304-822-4317


  • Megan Helman, Reading Specialist
  • Melanie Meck, Academic Coach (Tuesday and Friday)
  • James Lewis, PSP
  • Sharon Ritz, PSP

Other Schools

Capon Bridge Middle School

Phone: 304-856-2534


  • Amy Funk, Academic Coach (Monday and Tuesday)
  • Teresa Thorne, Academic Coach (Monday and Tuesday)

Romney Middle School

Phone: 304-822-5014


  • Desiree Fritsch, Academic Coach (Wednesday and Thursday)

Central Office Staff

Title I Central Office Staff - County-wide

Address: 111 School Street
Romney, WV 26757
Phone: 304-822-3528, ext. 141 (Mrs. Lipps) or ext. 150 (Mrs. Casto)
Email Patty Lipps, Director
Email Crystal Casto, Secretary


  • Desiree Fritsch - RES and RMS
  • Amy Funk - AES and CBMS
  • Teresa Thorne - CBES  and CBMS 
  • Melanie Meck - JJCES, SES and SPGES - Academic Coach

Mountaineer Mental Health  - contracted for Mental Health Services

EA Hawse Health Center - contracted for Mental & Physical Health Services

Augusta Elementary School
Capon Bridge Elementary  School
John J Cornwell Elementary School
Romney Elementary School
Slanesville Elementary School
Springfield-Green Spring  Elementary School