Employee Payroll Forms and Information

New WV Tax Withholding Tables in Effect with March 25 Pay - Click here for additional information.

Payroll Forms - Tax Withholding & Direct Deposit

Salary Scales & Payday Schedules

Time Sheets & Teacher/Pupil Ratio Forms

Tax Withholding

Please complete and return the following forms to the Finance Office if you wish to change the amount of taxes withheld from your paychecks:

Direct Deposit

Employees may now deposit their paychecks into two bank accounts (such as a checking and a savings account).

If you wish initiate direct deposit or change the details of how your check is deposited, complete a Direct Deposit Form and send it back. For questions, contact Rhonda Park at 304-822-3528, ext. 135 or email Rhonda Park.

Employee Self-Serve Payroll Management

Use the County Employee Online website to view your pay stubs with information about your deductions and personal leave days.

Note: You must first register and create your password. In order to register you need to know your employee ID number and also have an email address (the email address does not have to be a West Virginia Department of Education access account). The directions are as follows: