Hampshire County Career and Technical Education

Hampshire High School Career and Technical Education

Simulated Workplace 

Hampshire High School students are provided the opportunity to participate in Career and Technical Education (CTE) courses. These courses provide students with the necessary training and skills to enter the workforce or continue their education in a related field of study after high school. 

Study Guide

View the CTE Programs of Study Guide 2019 to 2020 (PDF) for more information on:

  • Accounting
  • Agribusiness Systems
  • Animal Processing
  • Animal Systems
  • Automotive Technology
  • Broadcasting Technology
  • Carpentry
  • Information Management/MCAS
  • Law and Public Safety
  • Management and Administrative Support
  • Natural Resource Management
  • Pet Grooming
  • Plant Systems
  • Power, Structural and Technical Systems
  • Pro-Start Restaurant Management
  • Therapeutic Services

Visit the Career and Technical Education Performance Assessment.

Clubs & Sponsors

  • FFA (Bill Chaney, Isaac Lewis, Lisa Moreland and Ron Watson)
    WV FFA  National FFA
    Bill Chaney - Phone: 304-822-5016, ext. 2001
    Lisa Moreland - Phone: 304-822-5016, ext. 1048
    Ronnie Watson - Phone: 304-822-5016, ext. 1019
  • Skills USA(Paul Clem, Bill Keister,)
    WV SkillsUSA National SkillsUSA
  • HOSA (Kristie Long)
    WV HOSA National HOSA
  • DECA (Amy Crites)
    WV DECA National DECA