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Updates on Early Dismissals & Delays

You can get up-to-date information about school closings/delays/and early dismissals as well as individual bus cancellations on the Hampshire County West Virginia School Transportation page on Facebook.


The goal of the transportation department is to transport all Hampshire County students to and from school safely and efficiently.

School buses are the safest mode of transportation for children. Hampshire County Schools schedules 55 bus runs to deliver students to and from school and travel about 2800 miles per day. Approximately 600 field trips and extracurricular trips are scheduled per year. Altogether our buses travel over 600,000 miles a year.

Bus SpecificationsStop for Flashing Lights on Buses

Five buses are equipped with wheelchair lifts. Twenty-three buses are equipped with automatic chains. "Two-way radios" are installed in all buses and can communicate directly with Sheriff's deputies and Hampshire County Emergency Services personnel throughout the county and from neighboring counties and states. All buses also now have audio/video "blackbox" type cameras installed to monitor activity inside the bus and also to photograph vehicles that illegally pass buses. Buses that carry special-needs children are also staffed with aides who have had special training.