Special Programs

Non-Discrimination Policy

Instruction of all students receiving Special Services in Hampshire County is designed to meet individual student needs. Discrimination is prohibited and all students in Hampshire County Schools will receive a free appropriate public education regardless of the nature or severity of their disabilities. Please view:

Special Education Service Policies

Special Education Services in Hampshire County Schools adhere to the guidelines set forth in West Virginia Department of Education police West Virginia Department of Education Policy 2419 and Hampshire County policies:

  • Confidentiality Policy 8350
  • Individualized Education Process for Special Education Students Policy 2460.04
  • Special Education Policy 2460
  • Student Education Identification and Referral Policy 2460.01

Curriculum, Instruction & Procedural Safeguards

Information and resources regarding curriculum and instruction of students with exceptionalities can be found at the West Virginia Department of Education Office of Special Programs.

Procedural Safeguards are available to parents and students with exceptionalities.