One Pill Can Kill Toolkit Available for Parents & Guardians

Hampshire County is pleased to be teaming with GameChanger, a student-powered substance misuse prevention movement which is connecting West Virginia Students and the educators who care about them through Prevention Programs developed by GameChanger in conjunction with the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation and The United States Drug Enforcement Administration. 

As you may be aware, West Virginia as well as the entire nation is facing an unprecedented Opioid and Substance Misuse Crisis which is killing our children and threatening the family unit and the very core of our society.

More specifically, 6 out of 10 pills or 60% of all pills purchased over the internet or on the street contain deadly does of Fentanyl resulting in the needless deaths of children and adults alike. These pills are being made available by despicable drug dealers targeting our youth via social media and other means

Hampshire County Schools is pleased to implement at no cost, the GameChanger Program One Pill Can Kill which is being offered to all middle and high schools throughout West Virginia to educate our students, parents, grandparents and guardians about the dangers of playing Russian Roulette by purchasing counterfeit pills over the internet or from sources on the street or elsewhere. A Social Media Campaign is also being launched to further educate the students. The video is available on YouTube and can be watched by parents (see below) prior to being shared with your student at the school level. In addition to the YouTube link, a detailed Parent Tool Kit produced by GameChanger, The DEA and The Discovery Channel and an explanation of the social media campaign is provided here or from the link at the bottom.  

A letter from Superintendent Pancione was sent home on April 18 with more details.

One Pill Can Kill Parent Toolkit