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Fundraiser Forms
Cash Receipts & Fundraiser Forms
Rhonda Park, Accountant

Hampshire County Schools
111 School St.
Romney, WV  26757

Ph: (304) 822-3528, x-135
Fx: (304) 822-3540

8:30 am - 4:30 pm
Monday - Friday

Complete this form anytime cash and/or checks are received from anyone including classrooms!

Before doing a fundraiswer, it must be submitted to the Board of Education for Approval and the records maintained for subsequent audits.
  (This includes fundraisers by PTOs and Booster organizations.)


Use this form to report results of Fundraisers:

Fundraising by school support groups is covered under Hampshire County Board of Education Policy 9211 - http://www.neola.com/hampshire-wv/search/policies/po9211.htm

If the use of a school facility is being requested, please use this form: 

Please note that only fundraising events benefiting the school or the students may be held in school facilities.  All adults involved must be approved volunteers.  
(Volunteer Application - updated 2018-19- complete and obtain signatures.)

Hampshire County Schools
111 School Street
Romney, WV 26757
Jeffrey Pancione
Phone: (304) 822-3528
Fax: (304) 822-3540
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