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Click on each picture to see examples of healthy snacks!
Healthy Dairy Snacks Click to see Healthy Dairy Snacks Healthy Fruit & Veggie Snacks
Click to see Healthy Fruit and Veggie Snacks
Healthy Grain Snacks 
Click to see Healthy Grain Snacks

Read more about healthy snacks at Smart Snacks at School

energydrinks.jpgWhat's the Truth about Energy Drinks?

Energy Drinks from Brown University Health Services
Energy Drinks from the American Academy of Pediatrics
What's the Buzz about Energy Drinks from WebMD

See if your snack is healthy by using the Healthy Snack Calculator
Healthy Snack Calculator.jpg
Healthy Snack Calculator or click on image above

Healthy Snacks for Kids: 10 Child-Friendly Tips - from the Mayo Clinic

Put some color in your diet

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