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# 100 Kitchen Basket

# 100 Kitchen Basket
donated by Mrs. Massie's Class

3-piece spoon set
3 whisks
pack of strainers
pizza cutter
2 cookbooks
red measuring cup set
red measuring spoon set
white measuring cups & spoons
multicolored measuring spoon set
multicolored measuring spoons
& cups
snack & go cup
black spoon
red silicone spatula
black turner
pyrex bowl
3-peice barbecue set
2 salt & pepper shakers
2-pack easy seal containers
veggie storage container
5-peice set (2 towels, 2 pot holders
& oven mitt)
2 large tongs
1 small tong
2 treat cups
serving try pack (matches treat cups)

rooster towel
rooster potholders
dessert spatula
2 wooden spoons
sweet pepper tomato mix
green bowl
corn shucker
cake mix
2 large 2 topping pizzas (from Dominoes)
$20 El Puente certificate
$40 Food Lion certificate

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