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Events at HHS for Spring/Summer 2020

Hampshire High School Fact Sheet

Work/Textbook /Chromebook Drop-off & Personal Belonging Pick-up

  • There will be another county-wide student work drop-off at all school locations on Monday, May 11th and Tuesday, May 12th.  Please see the county website or contact your school of choice for available drop-off times as not all schools are the same.  HHS will be open from 9:00 am – 9:00 pm. 
  • HHS will accept work through the end of day on Friday, May 15th.  Paper copies will only be accepted beyond May 12th at the HHS drop-off site.
  • Chromebooks can be dropped off at HHS on May 11th and 12th from 9:00 am – 2:00 pm.
  • We ask that textbooks be returned to HHS instead of alternative locations if possible.
  • We have asked teachers to bring student belongings that have been left in classrooms to the library, however, if you student has items in lockers, etc they will need to request an appointment to pick those items up if they cannot make the county-wide drop-off dates and times.
  • ALL WORK MUST BE TURNED IN BY THE END OF THE DAY ON FRIDAY, MAY 15TH in order for teachers to meet the grade finalization deadlines.  This applies to digital and paper-copy.

Proof of Enrollments

  • Proof of Enrollments that have been requested prior to Friday, May 8th at 3:00 pm will be available for pick-up on the 11th and 12th.  Requests made after this date will take several days to be processed and the school should be contacted prior to pick-up to ensure their readiness upon student/parent arrival.  We will attempt to send a LiveGrades message to those students who have requested, but have been denied prior to Monday, May 11th.  Please check your student’s account prior to coming if that is the only reason you are making the trip.

Final Grade Due Dates

  • ALL WORK MUST BE TURNED IN BY THE END OF THE DAY ON FRIDAY, MAY 15TH in order for teachers to meet the grade finalization deadlines.  This applies to digital and paper-copy due to quarantine guidelines.
    • HHS will accept work through the end of day on Friday, May 15th.  Paper copies will only be accepted beyond May 12th at the HHS drop-off site.
    • Grade finalization for seniors will occur at 12:00 noon on Friday, May 22nd.
    • Grade finalization for underclassmen will occur at 9:00 am on Tuesday, May 26th.

Cords/Stoles for Graduation

WV Virtual School and/or APEX Grades

  • APEX courses must be complete by the end of the day on Friday, May 15th.
  • Students enrolled in WV Virtual School classes should seek guidance from their instructor on completion dates.  If they are not given other specific information by their instructor, all virtual classes must also be complete by the end of day on Friday, May 15th.  We have requested final grades from WV Virtual School to be submitted to HHS by Wednesday, May 20th.

Credit Recovery Opportunities

  • Due to the irregular end of the 2019—2020 school year, the West Virginia Department of Education is offering free credit recovery opportunities for students.  Students who are in need of credit recovery for failed courses should contact their counselor to check eligibility and declare intent for enrollment.  These classes are available now and must be completed before July 31st, 2020.  Students may only enroll in one credit recovery course at a time.  Credit recovery courses have two parts that must BOTH be successfully completed for recovery of credit and prior to moving into a second credit recovery course.  Students can recovery more than one credit over the summer depending on how quickly they work.  Students who fail one or both parts of the credit recovery course must repeat the entire course upon return to school.  Students will need to know their Office 365 email and password to navigate credit recovery courses.  If this is needed by the student please contact an HHS administrator or Julie Crawford at .

Scheduling Forms

  • A digital scheduling form will be made available to students during the week of May 11th through student LiveGrades accounts and the HHS Facebook page.  Students who have completed a paper schedule request form and returned it should not complete the digital request form.  We ask that all scheduling forms (paper or digital) be returned by Friday, May 22nd.


Senior Ceremonies

Athletic Awards

  • Virtual Ceremony will be aired Thursday, May 21st.  A link will be provided on the Athletic and Hampshire High School Facebook page as well as the school and county website.
  • Award pick-up will be from 4:00-6:00 pm on Wednesday, May 27th in the bus loop at HHS. 

Baccalaureate Service

  • Virtual Service will be Sunday, May 24th at 6:00 pm and a link will be posted on the school and county Facebook page and website.


  • Winners will be recognized via a virtual media presentation that is being created as recipients are being reported to HHS.  This presentation will continue to be modified as new winners are announced.  Several committees/schools have extended dates for scholarship applications so not all recipients will necessarily be available at the same time.  There is no solid date for the launch of this presentation at this time but links will be made available on the school and county websites and Facebook pages.

Diploma Pick-up - Friday, May 29th, 2020

  • Honors students (GPA above 4.0) will be scheduled beginning at 9:00 am to pick up their diplomas.
  • Remaining students will be scheduled a time to pick up their diploma from HHS according to the first letter of their last name.
  • We prefer students to wear their cap and gown if possible in order for a picture to be taken.  A photographer will be on-site.
  • A backdrop is being ordered to provide an appropriate picture opportunity.
  • This may be done inside the commons or outside of the main building depending on weather.
  • Families will be expected to respect the social distancing guidelines that are in effect on this date.
  • An alternate location with a second back-drop will be available for families to take a group photo if desired.

Commencement Ceremony - Saturday, July 18th, 2020

  • A commencement ceremony will be planned to occur at Wapacoma campground in the festival area. 
  • Students will have the opportunity to walk across the stage and be recognized for their accomplishments.
  • Families will need to be prepared for their own seating unless otherwise informed.
  • Barring a long-term rain event that could cause issues with parking (or a lightning event), the ceremony will be held rain or shine.
  • Depending on the indoor restrictions during this time we will attempt to hold a “Prom” on the Friday night before graduation.  This could be a senior-only event depending on guidance from the Health Department and State Government.

Back-up Commencement Ceremony Plan - Saturday, September 19th, 2020

  • In the event that Covid-19 restrictions do not allow us to hold a ceremony in July we will plan to hold a traditional commencement ceremony at HHS on this date.

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